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Ultra Soft Bamboo Toilet Paper

Julie – 4th August 2020
I have just brought a box of this toilet roll and it’s amazing ! Everyone in my household loves it … definitely will not go back to supermarket brands again… and it’s such value for money .. highly recommend you buy it and try it .. you will never look back !
Yettie – 29th September 2020
Bought this beautiful very soft bamboo tissue paper, first time using bamboo tissue paper, I am so impressed with this product and also it is very affordable. I am so sticking with this product, thanks for the quick delivery.
Bal – 30th September 2020

Fantastic product, extremely high quality and great value for money…and to top it off its good for the environment! A win-win all around!

Why switch?

The truth is, regular toilet roll stinks…

It’s plastic-wrapped and full of nasty chemicals such as chlorine and BPA that are bad for our skin and our planet.

Did you know that 27,000 trees are cut every day to make toilet paper? That’s a lot of wiped out forest just to wipe our bums!

Why is Bamboo Toilet Paper better?

Bamboo grows as fast as 4cm per hour and doesn’t need any pesticides or fertilizers. In fact, bamboo forests can actually improve depleted soil.

That makes it a super-speedy and sustainable alternative to your bog standard loo roll, plus, it’s naturally anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic, so it’s kind to your behind too.

We think that’s worth shaking your booty about!

What makes Trinidal Bamboo special?

Our super-soft and ultra-absorbent sheets are 1cm bigger than most on the market, making each roll last that little bit longer. You could say we really do give a sheet….

We want to reduce our carbon footprint (and yours) wherever possible, so we never use plastic and our packaging is completely recyclable.

We believe that eco-friendly options shouldn’t cost the earth. Our toilet tissue stacks up well on price compared to competitors.

Let’s talk about doing Good

Like you, we want to make a difference. Reducing our carbon footprint and being plastic-free is a start, but we know we can do more. So, we have taken it a further step by partnering with Tree Nation and Water for People.

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