Trinidal Bamboo Toilet Paper

“Our mission is simple; to offer an affordable, safer alternative – for us and the planet.”

Trinidal Bamboo pyramid of toilet paper
Trinidal Bamboo displaying quality of toilet paper

How did Trinidal Bamboo begin?

With a background in nursing and public health, I’ve always been interested in how we can treat our bodies better.

Nobody chooses to get sick, but we’re not always making healthy choices either. Diet is one thing, but aside from what we’re putting inside us, what are we exposing our bodies to every day?

I began to research common household products and discovered that many are manufactured using environmentally destructive methods, and are packed with harmful ingredients too.

When we use regular toilet roll, not only do we encounter countless unnecessary chemicals such as BPA, dye, ink and Chlorine, we are literally flushing our forests away. 16 million trees every year, in fact.

It will take a lot before the system changes, but we each play our part, so I decided to take my eco-switch into my own hands!

Trinidal Bamboo is more than just toilet paper. Read about our charity partners and how we are doing good from the bottom up!

Why Switch?

Did you know… bamboo can be harvested for paper within 2 years, and unlike trees, bamboo does not need to be replanted. Cutting it actually encourages its growth!

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