Why switch to Bamboo Toilet Paper?

Please find below some of our frequently asked questions. If you can’t find your answer please contact us, and we’ll be happy to help hello@trinidalbamboo.com

What is wrong with regular toilet paper?

The production of regular toilet roll is a major cause of deforestation, wiping out 27,000 trees per day. It’s also full of harmful chemicals which are bad for our health and poisonous to our waterways.

Why is Bamboo Toilet Paper better?

Bamboo is a super plant and a more sustainable alternative to regular toilet roll. It’s rapidly renewable, only needs rainwater to grow (no nasty pesticides) produces 35% more oxygen and removes 5 times more carbon monoxide than trees. Plus, it’s naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial, so it’s better for your skin too.

Our toilet paper is made in China, where there is an abundance of bamboo. In fact, there is a surplus, but bamboo trees are not widely used for the commercial production of toilet paper. We have carefully considered our supply chain against several environmental standards, and right now, this is the most environmentally friendly option.

Our carton boxes are made from recycled paper and are printed with water-based ink. They are completely recyclable and compostable, but we encourage you to upcycle our packaging in creative ways! (We’ve seen toy-box storage, luxury cat beds and funky bins to name a few…)

No. The bamboo we use is called Neosinocalamus affinis and it is a different species of bamboo to the type that pandas eat.

Recycled paper largely comes from newspapers and receipts, both of which contain high levels of bisphenol-A (BPA) which is known to have negative health effects. What’s more, recycled paper still depends on original wood based paper to exist, so it doesn’t break the cycle of unsustainability or offer a long term solution. 

Absolutely! In fact, it can actually help to relieve irritated skin because it’s naturally hypoallergenic, antibacterial and super soft.

Our bamboo toilet tissue paper is treated with a totally chlorine free method (TCF).

Chlorine manufacturing processes are damaging to the environment and to human health.

We believe that eco-alternative should be affordable, so we really try to keep costs down whilst making sure we’re as sustainable as possible. The thickness and length of different rolls vary so it’s tricky to compare, but our prices stack up well compared to leading brands. 

Yes. We think that you’re going to love our silky-soft toilet tissue and that once you try it, you’ll want more! By subscribing, you can save up to 10% on each box and remove the hassle of re-ordering each time you run out, (because nobody likes to be caught short…).  You will automatically receive replenishment before running out.

Our bamboo toilet paper is totally biodegradable and is perfect to use in compost toilets. However, we don’t recommend it with mechanically discharged waste systems such as saniflo. Bamboo has longer fibres compared to wood, so it degrades slightly slower. This makes it better suited to systems linked to mains drainage or waste containers.

We do our best to offset our environmental impact by partnering with Tree Nation to help reforest the planet. Sustainability will always be at the core of our corporate mission and we will continue to actively look for ways to further limit the damage made to the environment. 

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