Toilet Paper for your Business

Looking to make an eco-friendly switch?

We want swapping to eco-alternatives to be easy and affordable, so if you’re a business, we offer our sustainable solution at a discounted cost.

Why should your business make the switch?

  • Consumers are 59% more likely to buy from eco-conscious brands.
  • 75% of UK businesses are benefiting commercially after going green.
  • 70% of employees say they prefer to work for green businesses.

Contact us for your price.

Why Switch?

Did you know… bamboo is 100% biodegradable.

Benjamin – 4th August 2020
Wonderful service. Consignment arrived much earlier thank expected. Thank you for keeping to your delivery promise. Highly recommended.
Ola – 1st August 2020

I just bought a box of the toilet roll and I love it, so nice and love the fact that it was made from bamboo

Claire – 3rd October 2020
Fantastic product. High quality toilet paper, all the better as it is made from 100% sustainable bamboo. And so soft! Will be buying again.
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